Friday, January 12, 2007

Get your hands off me, white girl!

I love's star tracks. That's where I found this gem (and this one too!) This picture had this fun little blurb with it, filled with puns galore!:

Common, Hilary Swank and find some common ground Thursday while promoting their film Freedom Writers on MTV's TRL. The Black Eyed Peas bandmate, who provided the film's score, offered high praise for Swank's performance: "She was so good in the movie that after the premiere, I thought she was a teacher."

So, we can conclude that is a dumbass. Or we can conclude that Hilary Swank is a man, because she was just so good in Boys Don't Cry.

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Jellybean Sunshine said...

i work across from the cbs morning show building with the glass windows and they do their outdoor thing like the today show and i guess hilary swank was going to be out there. it was a beautiful 20 degrees out there and there were probably 15 people waiting for her. it was sad.