Monday, January 22, 2007

Fresh out of Rehab and lookin' HOT!

If you were a huge celebrity who just admitted to a substance abuse problem, and was briefly out of rehab for a quick stroll, what would you wear? I would choose an outfit that says "Hey! I'm classy, and I'm A-OK America!". It seems like Lindsay Lohan had the same mantra in mind as she left rehab wearing spandex, an undershirt that too closely resembles pink panties being worn outside of the spandex, and scrunch boots. If I am ever in need of support, I will not need rehab, I will just look to Lindsay Lohan, as she clearly makes all the right decisions. Like sweet morning dew, dear Lohan, you're all I need to get by-aye-aye.


Anne said...

That one is nothing but klass.

ray said...

shes gross. why is she wearing a diaper?