Friday, January 12, 2007

Forever Your Drunk Girl.

If there's one thing Paula Abdul loves, it's the sauce!!! Don't believe a g.d. thing that comes out of this drunky's mouth. When your crazy drunken uncle comes in the house, beats your aunt with a bar of soap shoved in a tube sock, and then gently coo's sweet nothings in her ear (you just make me so mad sometimes, baby!), do you believe that he loves her? NO. When your buddy tells you how awesome going out to the club last night was, and that you really should have gone instead of staying home and playing Guitar Hero all day and night, do you believe him? NO. When you find and an empty fifth of hot damn on the floor in your bosses office, do you believe it wasn't she that drank it and spewed all over the place?? NO YOU DON'T. Why don't you believe these people? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALCOHOLICS. Never believe a drunky.

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