Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fast Food Workers: "We ain't like K-Fed"

Real-life fast food workers are all fired up (get it--like the GRILLS!) about Kevin Federline's latest acting gig in which he portrays a fast food worker in a 30 second spot for Nationwide. According to The New York Post:

" Annika Stensson, a spokeswoman for the National Restaurant Association...fired off a scathing letter to Nationwide CEO Jerry Jurgensen for giving the impression that working in a restaurant is 'demeaning and unpleasant.'"

Uh...Sorry to break it to you Annika...but it kind of is. I worked at 2 different fast food places as a wee-Girl #1, and that shit sucks. People are dicks, you work in a vat of grease all day and night, and you get paid practically zero. It's not like we all thought that working in fast food was a glamourous life that we all aspired to attain, and then K-Fed did the commerical and we were all like, "Whoa...Whoa...Whoa...K-Fed is in a commerical where he works in fast food? COUNT ME OUT! I'm going to college!"

No, unfortunately I made the decision to go to college all on my own. And by getting a four-year degree, I can be the fucking MANAGER at the Taco Bell up the street. I've created a pretty amazing taco using every ingredient on the condiment station (That's industry talk for where we make the food) that will make you feel like you are tasting heaven in a delicious, processed, artificial form. Come hit me up at the Taco Bell on Woodward, bitches. I'll hook y'all UP!

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