Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did someone buy Trump a new computer for Christmas?

Man, the Trump sure does love to write things! The Trump as released yet another written response to Rosie O'Donnell. I'm sure you've heard all about this crap by now. But you haven't heard about it here, because this fight friggin bores me to death. The sad thing is, both of these people are stupid, and think that "winning" a fight means being the last person to say something. Neither of them will stop while the other is still going, which means we will never hear the end of this. Even if Rosie is banned from mentioning it on The View, she still has her dumbass website to sound-off on. Trump will invest all of his millions into inventing a post-mortem letter writing machine, so he can continue to leave "official" responses from beyond the grave.

This is setting a great example for us all. Success = Annoyance. Winning = Never shutting up, regardless of how stupid and/or pointless your argument is. Someone please make it stop.

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lucinda said...

I actually think Rosie is right on this one. I like her spirit. Everyone totally knows that Trump got a bj from that Miss USA and Rosie was just pointing out the inherit disgustipation that are pageants. Trump got all "offended" (i.e. looked for ratings) and now his inflated ego will not let him stop. Although I do think it's fucking lame for them to be still talking about it on The View.