Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Can someone please flash a vag or SOMETHING???

This is funny and all, but I'm dying for some gossip! Enough with the Trump vs. Rosie bullshit that no one cares about...'07 has sucked-ass so far and I won't stand for it! Do you know why the celebrity gossip realm has been so lame lately? Do you have an idea why posts about Pete Wentz are the only thing you'll find on your blogs today???

BECAUSE LINDSAY LOHAN STOPPED DRINKING. For reals, someone please slip this girl a pill and let's get the party poppin'! What happened to the good old days of a couple weeks ago where Britney couldn't get out of a car without flashing her hoo-ha, or Lindsay Lohan wasn't making wild accusations or sending rambling emails? Get the girl a drink, on me, and fast.

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