Friday, January 12, 2007

Britney Spears round up!

I usually try to leave posting about this dumb bitch to others...but I will give you a quick update as to what this trash has been up to. That dude above is her new "friend" Issac Cohen. Britney's trying her hand at jews now, but I think she should stick to the trash she's accustomed to. The jews are too good for Britney. But he's already done some impressive work on her ass, just look above. This is the first time in a LOOOOOOOO-O-O-O-ONG time that she hasn't looked like she was just raped by a trucker and thrown out of said truck while it was still moving, so...good for her? In other Britney news, she apparently gave a homeless man $300 after buying a dog for $3200. I'm still not convinced that dog isn't "Jayden James". Meanwhile, K-Fed is trying to sell his kids to Britney for $50 Million, which sounds like a fair deal to me. Maybe Britney can use some of the money she won't be paying her stylist anymore, as her stylist is joining the rest of the world in distancing themselves as far away as possible from Trainwreck Spears.

Jesus Christ. I could write an entire blog just about this bitch. Long story short, bitch is still crazy.


Jellybean Sunshine said...

damn! i want to be her stylist. do you know how much money i'd make on her ass? lots. she changes her hair soooo damn much i can't keep up. it'd be a full time job.

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