Friday, January 19, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Hugh Grant goes pee!!!!!

Just when you think that there isn't a news source as relevant and hard hitting as Page Six, TMZ comes along and once again proves that they are RIGHT THERE...IN THE ZONE! Telling us about when stars go pee! Yes, Hugh Grant went pee at JFK International Airport. I'm a bit speachless here...but I imagine the decision to run such a fine story went something like this:

Harvey Levin: (Sighs) is a slllllooo-o-o-o-ow day for gossip huh?

TMZ Staff: Sure is.

Harvey Levin: Nothing's happening at Sundance yet?

TMZ Staff: Nope.

*Crickets Chirping*

Harvey Levin: ...Still got that video of Hugh Grant going into a bathroom at the airport?

TMZ Staff: Uh...I think so?

Harvey Levin: RUN IT!

For all y'all who think that I don't post enough, at least I give you important stories, such as Beyonce's armpits, or Paris Hilton's lazy eye. Girl #1 would never report on the #1's of others, unless the #1's are happening in public, or better yet, literally directed at someone's face.

You better believe I'm sourcing this.

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