Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Best Jams to Bone To?

What jam did you lose your virginity to?

Tracy Morgan lost it to Luther Vandross' "A House is Not a Home" and Rick James' "Superfreak."

Amy Sedaris lost it to "Desperado" by the Eagles.

Stephen Colbert (who will be trading appearances with Bill O'Reilly, appearing on each other's programs Jan. 18) asked, "Is screaming my name considered music?"

and Girl #1 lost it to "Daughters" by John Mayer, whilst being R'd by my father.

So, praytell, what jam did you lose your virginity to? Leave your answer, in the comments!



Molly said...

does the movie flash gordon count? the one with the queen song?

"flash...oooh-oh...he's our man..."

something like that.

Anonymous said...

Hah!! i luv dis site!! i lost mine to 'Dont fear the reaper' by blue oyster cult