Friday, January 12, 2007

$250 MILLION DOLLARS!!!???!!!!

Two-hundraaaaa...whaaaaaa??? I can't even type it. Twaaaahaaafiddy????? FOR REALS???? My God...

DAVID BECKHAM IS GETTING PAID $250 MILLION DOLLARS OVER 5 YEARS TO PLAY FOR THE LA GALAXY. I just sat here, mouth agape, coffee dripping down my face for about 5 minutes. That is a lot of money y'all. A.LOT.OF.MONEY.Y'ALL. I'm sure a lot of British people are angry about this...They probably think he is selling out and all, but you know what I say. SELL OUT MOTHAFUCKA! There is very little that I wouldn't do for that much money. Do you want to know what you can do with that much money???

In case you don't understand...David can swim around in his millions like Scrooge McDuck, and Victoria can build a robot, and have the robot put her shoes on for her.

Before this deal, Victoria and David were worth $169 Million COMBINED. Here is some math:

$169 Million + $250 Million =

Wow. I wonder if this deal will help soccer in the U.S. Even if it doesn't, I'm sure Beckham doesn't care...I wouldn't. Because I'd have MILLIONS!!!

And also, this is just an aside...David Beckham is 31. What an asshole...My awe & envy is swiftly turning into rage. Must stop talking about this now.

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