Friday, December 8, 2006

Why so blue, Christina?

Here, Christina Aguilera is seen looking rather down in the dumps. Why the long face, artist formerly known as Xtina?

Are you sad because there are only 21 shopping days left before Christmas and you still don't have all of your shopping done?

Is it because someone mistakely told you that the hair net you have on your head was a hat?

Or maybe it is due to the fact that you married someone that kind of resembles a troll?

What do you think is causing Christina to mope? Leave your wildest dreams in the comments...



Anonymous said...

the open sore that was once her vagina has finally started to scab over and heal. bitch is itchin

P88hBear said...
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P88hBear said...

She just realized that she was the only celb walking around without an annoying small dog as an accessory... start singing "Santa Baby" to the hubby and you'll more than likely get on with a diamond encrusted collar that costs more than my entire years salary... chin up baby girl, it won't be so bad forever... sheesh!

Anonymous said...

lol i like that look its new and fresh.. but its probably on her head because shes got curlers in and trying to keep them from flying everywere for the next gig.. i really like the unready look its great.. thats skank anonymous person lol... she is to me one of the most sexiest best looking females in the show business.. and alot of people are just jealous of her..