Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Who Dat IzzzzzzzZZZZzzz!?!?

What fading "it" girl has had a bad year due to la drug use. First, her parents intervened due to a hillbilly stylist's meth diet. Secondly, marriage ended due to la cocoa fueled 9am PARTY ALL THE TIME binges with a new stylist. And lost a lucrative contract because of said stylist. It really hasn't been her year. Girl if you need some tips on how to maintain, I got all the answers.

What rough and tough rapper whos been shot more times than britney's vag, really likes to bring all the boys to his yard. that's right, and he'll even charge if you tell anyone about it.

What singer is about to be exposed as the milli vanilli of the new millenium because she ain't gots no money and can no longer pay the real singer.

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