Sunday, December 10, 2006

Show Me The Receipts, LiLo!

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Honestly, what has happened to you, Lindsay Lohan? Bitch, you is more cracked out than Whitney on a Saturday night. Who are your handlers? They should take away your blackberry before you do that first line girl. Hire me, I won’t let you look all meth-head in the media anymore. And all you have to do is let me live with you and buy me bags from louis vuitton. You were so fabulous in Mean Girls and since then its been downhill…steep downhill, like you’re almost dead, bitch. Yeah if I were hot as you, I’d be getting it good from every hottie in town too, but girl, be DISCRETE. I know your she-bone gets all hard everytime you hit the pipe, but it doesn’t mean, the world needs to know you did HarryMorton/BrandonDavis/ Stavros/Leto. Girlfriend, you are all Unabomber thinking leaders of the free world are gonna help your crackheaded ass. Dina, where the eff are you? You like your child like this? You look like you’ve been hittin’ the pipe too. Oh Lord. It’s a Meth epidemic. What are we to do??

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