Friday, December 8, 2006

Oprah to straight up murder TomKat

...Tom? Are you out of your EFFIN' MIND????

Tom cruise has now snubbed Oprah, not once, but TWICE from his wedding ceremony. TomKat are reportedly having another post-wedding extravaganza, because apparently, not enough attention was given to them the first time around. You would think this would be an opportune time to right what was wronged the first time around when they didn't invite Oprah to their Italian nuptials. TomKat feel otherwise.

Those two are truly insane. Oprah has enough power to wipe both of them and their Asian baby off the face of the Earth with nothing more than a bat of an eye. Oprah could just breathe in the general direction of L.A. and, if directed correctly, both Tom and Katie's lungs would instantly collapse, and as they are struggling for their last breaths, Oprah would miraculously appear, and snap the neck of baby Suri right in front of them, so it is the last thing they see before they die and realize that Scientology is a bunch of bullshit.

Okay, maybe Oprah wouldn't go that far...but she obviously could if she wanted to. All I'm saying is...Fool with Oprah once, shame on you. Fool with Oprah does that go again? Bush, help me out?

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Anonymous said...

Cause she is the only one that was not invited to your wedding Hoop-la

You tell me!