Monday, December 11, 2006

The only reason to watch the Super Bowl

Last year I watched the Super Bowl. I was happy about all the snacks and beer I consumed, but I was sad because it was a rather boring game. I generally do not watch Football, but last year it was in Detroit, and that was very exciting for all of us here! Celebrities came to town!!! After last year, I vowed to never watch the Super Bowl again, as not only was the game less than entertaining, but I also was tricked by the endless Grey's Anatomy commercials. I thought, I'll check out this show...everyone seems to love it. I watched all three parts of the Christina Ricci featured "Bomb in the Body" episode. I soon after realized that I hate Grey's Anatomy, everyone in the show, and possibly most of all, every band that has ever had a song on that show. Sorry, Grey's fans.

This year, however, the Super Bowl is winning me back. The Purple One, PRINCE, will be performing at halftime. If only he had done this last year!!! Prince would have been running around Detroit and I would have been trying to R him the entire time. Ah, a girl can only dream...dream of raping Prince....

I'm going to start planning my Super Bowl party right now. It will feature: My name is Prince, and I am Chunky Salsa, Diamonds and Cheese Curls, Let's go crazy, Let's get Beer Nuts, and what Super Bowl Party would be complete without Little Red Sweedish Meatballs (baby, U will have enough gas). What else should I have at my Super Bowl Party???


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Nichole said...

Goldfish and Coffee,
Maple syrup and Jam [thumbprint cookies]
Butterscotch cloud merangue,
Tangerine [juice and vodka],
Side order of ham, [cream cheese and pickle rollups]