Friday, December 1, 2006

Lindsay Lohan makes Mama proud, again

Page Six is reporting that, contrary to some rumors that LiLo is currently seeking help for her partying ways, Lohan was out boozing it up and actin' a fool at the GQ Men of the Year party. First, Lohan brought her mom to the party, which is just asking for trouble, as her mom is almost trashier than her offspring. Then, she was all enraged when she saw that her former assistant is now working for Jessica Biel. Lohan started screaming about how "assistants" shouldn't be allowed to hang at the cool kids table. The tirade was pretty much ignored by everyone, but a friend of Biel's said the following:

"Jess didn't steal anyone's assistant - her assistant stopped working for Lindsay a long time ago. And whatever drama happened, Jess was no part of it. She is not part of [Lohan's] crowd - she is a professional."

After overhearing the tirade, Will Ferrel turned to his friends and said ""Who cares about that freak anymore, anyway?"

And a ZING from Biel's friend & Will Ferrel! Looks like almost no one likes poor Lohan, so Lohan took her drama elsewhere, "Necking" (which I think is "old" for making out) with Johnny Knoxville (???) who is married, and about 15 years her senior. I hope that this bit is not true, as it makes me feel very weird just thinking about the prospect of her drunk ass slobbering all over his stupid ass, but I guess it is sort of fitting. Soon after, Lohan's ex, Harry Morton, showed up and the whole bunch (including Knoxville and crazy mama) left together.

I know all the drama has been centered around Britney these days, but the Lohan is giving Brit a run for her (lack of) panties! Bitch is crazy!!! It is times like these that I wish I was a celebrity, only so I could be at these parties where all of this shit goes down. I can just see LiLo busting in the door, drunk as Danny DeVito, while Mama Lohan stands in the corner nodding and saying "That's my girl...". Then Lindsay would spew on someone, and that would be the end to a perfect night. Below is how Lindsay looked the night of the madness. Photo

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