Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kirsten tries to scientifically prove that her "shit don't stink"

Kirsten Dunst annoys the shit out of me. A lot of straight dudes don't understand why most ladies, and gays, want to punch this stupid bitch in the face. That's because straight-dudes want to bone Kirsten Dunst, and if they had it their way, they'd probably put their wang right in between her boobs (which should be covered by a bra, but generally are not) and titty-fuck her until she was actually good in a movie (and that might take a while...). Anyway, this is for the rest of us, who actually hate her. Kirsten Dunst has some problem with her shit, and she's not ashamed of it. No, she has taken her Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis tool out of the bag and is proudly showing the world. I hope part of this Stool Analysis requires that she touches her own poo. And then she has to eat it. Kirsten Dunst eats poo.

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bony said...

I don't understand why people hate her, and like Jake.

Jake is an apathetic and aloof personality that seems turned towards himself, whereas Kirsten just tries being regular as can be. She doesn't pimp her own looks when she's a pretty girl.

I wish people would stop hating on her, and take up another male celeb to worship.