Friday, December 1, 2006

Jesus Christ: Raw and Uncut or was he cut?

The man that brought us the first crotch-slip in a movie, “Basic Instinct,” now wants to do a gritty Jesus flick. Hold on to your britches ya’ll. Jesus maybe bringing sexxyback in 2007. Paul Verhoven is allegedly a part of a team of scholars (a term I use loosely because he did bring us “Showgirls”) who are using scientific methods in proving or disproving what Jesus said or didn’t say.

“…as a wandering sage who did not found religion or rise from the dead, but preached in startling parable and aphorisms, often turning common ideas upside down and confounding expectations of his audience.”

Sounds to me like there might be a controversial casting of her Madgesty herself as God. I pray to Allah there is lots of male nudity. There’s never enough of that.

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