Monday, December 11, 2006

J-Lo & Marc Anthony Hate Africa

In a move that will surely rock the world as we know it...J-Lo and Marc anthony are considering adopting a baby from........NOT AFRICA!!!! The Daily Mail is reporting that after many unsuccessful attempts at conception, the couple are considering adopting a child from Puerto Rico.

Perhaps someone should clue the Skeletor-esque couple into what the rest of the world already knows (thanks to Brad & Angelina, Madonna, and...don't forget BONO!). African babies are the new black. Every celebrity needs an African baby! They are, like, THE it item of the season. Look at Brad and Angelina! They love their African baby so much, they don't even take their biological child with them anywhere, putting to rest the age old debate. Once you go black, you really don't go back. For real! Take a look:

For more pics of the happy family: Go Here.

Once they got their African baby, they realized that they didn't really need Shiloh, and now she's probably been adopted out to someone in Africa, because you know Brad & Angie are always one step ahead of all the latest trends.

Plus, Puerto Rico is the 51st state, man. At least go outside the U.S! This is the laziest adoption I've ever seen. Make an effort, J-Lo & Marc Anthony. Get on over to Africa and adopt two babies to right the wrong that you've done!

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