Thursday, December 21, 2006

I love gays!

It's a war of the gays, y'all. Reichen Lehm-whatever the shit his name is (Lance Bass' boyfriend) is taking it to a certain fatty of a blogger, Perez Hilton. It all started here. Reichen is pissed that Perez said that he made out with some dude, because contrary to popular belief, he and Lance are still going strong. Perez fired back with basically a "F U FAG OMG I DO WHAT I WANT" response, to which Reichen is now threatening legal action. Go here to read the full blog from Reichen, which also answers the age old question; Reichen, top or bottom?

For the love of god, take the fatty out. Perez got lucky by weaseling his way into the hollywood circle. How did he do it? By picking the most idiotic celebrity to idolize, the only one who is dumb enough to let a gossip blogger into her world, Paris Hilton. Now he is making 6 figures by lying on his blog, and drawing cum and coke on pictures of celebrities with MS Paint. Dude, if you're going to make cum, put a little effort into it. If my experience has taught me anything, it's not just some dots on the chin. Everytime I've been blasted in the face, that shit's all up in my hair, on the ceiling, everywhere. It's called "realistic interpretation", Perez. Put down the doughnut and really try to make it believable. WE ALL KNOW how many times you've gotten splooged in the face...

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