Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Girl #2's thoughts on Britney as a mother.

I love Britney.
I love her classy.
I love her trashy.
I love Toxic, it's my ring tone.
I loved her marriage to Kevin.
I love her blonde.
I love her brunette.
I love "Sometimes", "Crazy", "Lucky", "Don't let me the last to know", "Baby.. One more time" I know ALL of the words.
I love her love of cheetos.
I love her love of Redbull.
I love her constantly awful taste in clothing.

Taking all of that into consideration, I CANNOT come to terms with a woman leaving her one month old child at home while she goes out every night. I'm sure she loves her "boo boos", but at one month old, a child needs to be held, by it's mother, constantly. Infants live in the womb for nine months, they know the tone of their mother's voice, they need to hear it. They need to be touched and hugged all of the time. They need to be held. Infants can only see 18 inches in front of their faces (the distance between the child and his mother's face when he's nursing) they need some one close to them whenever they're awake. She apparently doesn't love them enough to be a real mother to them. It's irresponsible, the first months are crucial to a child's developement and she obviously doesn't care. Would Kevin really be a better parent? Who knows. Maybe these children are just doomed.

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