Thursday, December 14, 2006

Girl #1: Confessions

TMZ reports that The World's First Supermodel Janice Dickinson was struck by a hit and run driver Tuesday night. Janice was thrown headfirst into the windshield and suffered a concussion. BUT, rest assured, she will fully recover just in time for the premire of the second season of her show, "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency".

I, Girl #1, have a confession to make. I was totally riding the crimson wave, and my cramps were BUG-GIN! You know how that is I right??? Awww Guuurrrll, So I totally popped a Vicodin and smoked a whole lot a weed, just like the celebrities do. And I think I may have, quite possibly, hit Janice Dickinson on Tuesday. I"m not quite sure exactly how this is possible, as I am in Detroit, and she is in L.A.. However, judging by the insanely high level of annoyance caused by hearing anything Janice Dickinson says, or just seeing her picture online...I'm willing to bet that an out of body experience is possible, as long as that experience was created to inflict pain and suffering on one Janice Dickinson.

So lock me up, fuzz! I did it. I busted up Janice's head! I wonder if I'll serve jail time? Maybe me and Nicole Richie can be cellmates!

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