Sunday, December 17, 2006

Carmello Anthony bitch-slaps some dude on the Knicks!

Being from the Detroit area...I love a good basketball fight. Especially when the fight doesn't go into the stands (that being said...our fight was totally better...). The best parts about this are the fact that Carmello Anthony didn't punch anybody. He straight up bitch-slapped Knicks guard Mardy Colliins (0:59), the asshole who pretty much started the whole thing by committing the flagrant foul. I also really enjoy when Mardy Collins is running after Anthony, there is this little, white old man holding him back (:45). I think if he really wanted to fight Anthony, he could of shook off the old dude. And, he does kind of shake off the old dude. The little old man really tries to hang on, but grabs the wrong players foot(:50). "A" for effort!

Good, classic brawl. My opinion on this is, way to go Carmello. That is the only way to show Mardy Collins that getting beaten severly in a basketball game does not make it ok to put someone in a headlock. I think a bitch-slap was a completely appropriate response.

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