Thursday, December 7, 2006

Caridee wins!

As I said, Caridee took home the crown of America's Next Top Model. While I found the entire season to be a bit lacking, I have to say that the finale was quite possibly one of the most hilarious episodes in top model history. They invented a word this time around! I had to go to "The Gay" to find out what Fista meant. The word was used in the CoverGirl commercial in this context:

"Dance, Dine, have a Fista! Your old lipgloss -- Hasta La Vista!"

EDIT: Here is a clip from the finale. Start Video at 1:44 to see the commercial.

What the hell is a Fista??????? The Gay says:

Fista [Fee-stah] n. - Cousin to fiesta. Used to rhyme with vista.

There you have it. The first ANTM episode to invent a word AND use it in a commercial. Tyra...perhaps you need those pesky writers after all.


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egyptchick7 said...

I think they meant Feast-a, as in a feast.