Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Busta Rhymes has strange... props?

"Busta Rhymes appeared in court yesterday (December 11) facing charges for criminal possession of a weapon, after a machete was found in his car in August.

Additionally, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office is already pursuing Busta Rhymes for assault and harassment charges which date back to August 12.

The rapper was accused of felony assault and harassment after police searched his vehicle and found a 10-inch blade.

Rhymes' lawyer Scott Leemon said the knife was "a prop" and did not warrant a criminal charge.

During an October hearing, judge Shawndya Simpson dropped the charges of possession of a weapon, however the District Attorney's Office filed a misdemeanour charge of criminal possession yesterday and the charges were reinstated.

The rapper is next set to appear in court on February 20."

Why the fuck does he need a machete for a prop? Why? How is this a reasonable explanation for a ten inch blade? What is he doing in his spare time? When did he come down with such a horrible case of ogre-face? Why do I care?

These are all valid questions.


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