Thursday, December 14, 2006

Angelina feeds child bugs

This time, the title of this post is not a witty is true! On a recent trip to Cambodia, Angelina and Maddox feasted on a plate of crickets, a delicacy in the Asian country. I'm all for the cultural experience that these kids are getting, but...bugs???!!! My roommate keeps talking about how she will one day cook the bugs she has kept in our freezer and feed them to us. I said, "I will fucking kill you if you bring any one of those bugs near my trap". Rachel Jean Disipio, I love you (and Happy Birthday on Friday!), but there is no way I'm eating a bug. You can keep them in the freezer, but I won't eat them. So, Angelina, take a lesson from me. For once, I can teach YOU something! Don't feed your kids bugs, man. Seriously...delicacy or not...why would you do that?



bobbylo said...

Listen to me you white devil bitch. Asians are the most smartest and we know whats good for you. Eat them bugs. Look at our race. Listen to mee

Anonymous said...

I would eat anything Jolie fed me; tacos, hamburger, taco salad, taco bell, vag, bugs.