Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wii...Wii...Wii...all the way home

Gamers are getting even crazier! You thought it was crazy that people were waiting in line for days to be the first to buy the new Nintendo Wii. You were kicking yourself when you saw that these new game systems are now going for thousands of dollars on ebay. But now, gaming frustration has reached its boiling point, as gamers are breaking their tv's with the new controller. Apparently, Zelda is just getting too heavy, man. The frustration of not being able to "level up" is too much and people are taking their rage out on their tv's. So, not only are they a failure in the gaming world, but now, they can't even watch their anime porn (which you know is about the only other thing that these people do) because they went and busted up their screen. Cool out, gamers. You'll figure out this new controller, yet. I guess the strap is breaking and the controller is just "flying" at the tv, but lets be know there is quite a bit of rage needed to hurl a small controller hard enough to crack your screen. My brother and I used to throw down like this when we played Battletoads as kids. But, I'm pretty sure I've grown out of the rage that Nintendo used to cause. But, I could be wrong...anyone want to send me a Wii so I can test out this theory?

For more cracked screens and general craziness, go here.

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