Thursday, November 30, 2006

WHY-Y-Y-Y do these TEARS come at night?

Brit, when I saw your vagina for the 18th time yesterday, I cried too. Here, Britney is seen leaving a club last night. As the tears gently stream down Britney's face, one has to ask themselves, why is Britney so sad???

Is it because she married quite possibly the biggest piece of trash known to man, and said marriage has failed?

Is it because she married quite possibly the second biggest piece of trash known to man before she married K-Fed, and now he wont shut his g.d. trap, blabbing to anyone that will listen, trying to make that last buck before he is completely forgotten?

Is it because she truly is just now realizing how many different angles of her vag we have all seen in the recent days?

Is it because the burning sensation she is now feeling in said vag is due to her recent endeavors with one Paris Hilton?

Is it because she was OH-SO-CLOSE to a comeback that is now fleeting faster than the life of Yellow Wiggle Greg?? (ooooohhhhh...sorry, Wiggles fans...too soon? --I do feel for the Wiggle, look at how intensley all of Australia is mourning for him*:

Maybe that is why Brit is crying too...

Why do YOU think Britney is oh-so-sad? Leave your reasons in the comments!!!!

*Also, to the other members of the Wiggles: if you are looking for a replacement, hit me up. Y'all bitches is PAID!



Anonymous said...

itchy coot.

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