Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who Dat IzZzZzZz?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This diva with a papi who’s even more demanding than she is, secretly loves the hashish. She and her entourage cruise around the city and smoke a fatty before making appearances. Someone sounds insecurr. FYI, they have valium/xanax/paxil for that girrrrl.

This bff to the starlets is close to being hoed out as nothing but as hillbilly crack dealer. Maybe they saw this video and didn’t feel like the facial abrasions were worth being skinny. Oh here we go, everyone let’s welcome Anna O’Rexia and Beau Lee Mia back! But then again, did they ever really leave?

If you were thinking about gastric bypass, think again. Carnie Wilson is still a fat cuntasaurus and do you really wanna be twinzies with Star Jones or Al Roker? I personally don’t feel I could give up smokingsniffingsnorting anything crushable to be skinny. Even drinking alcohol could make your bowels move more than Metamucil. Eeeeww, I don’t want to end up chewing cigarettes like a certain gastric bypasee.

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