Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Okay, okay, I guess one of us should probably talk about the Paris/Lindsay/Britney saga. On Sunday, x17 captured this video of Lindsay Lohan saying. . .
"[Paris Hilton] hit me last night for no reason, apparently, at my friend's house, and I didn't know she'd be there, and she hit me, and she hit me with a drink and poured it all over me, and it hurts, and it's not okay. I'm not crazy. . . I'm just trying to act."

Monday morning she was seen with Britney and Paris outside the Beverly Hills Hotel and changed her story to:

"Paris never hit me. She's my friend. Everyone lies about everything. ... Please, stop trying to make us hate each other."

Later on monday, Lindsay and Paris got into a large fight at Hyde, Paris screaming at Lindsay..
"You're a fucking coked-out whore; don't ever say you're my friend again!"

And as Paris and Britney headed back to Paris's house after the incident, paparazzi recorded someone who sounds like Paris screaming...
"Tell that Firecrotch she's no longer welcome!"

Sounds pretty much like highschool. Talking shit behind one anothers backs, and then denying it. It gets a little more complicated when cameras are involved. Cameras document things. They records sounds and motion. Being that LiLo is "just trying to act", in films, she should probably know that. I hate even thinking about these three girls, I feel like they make me less intelligent. I also feel like no one should care.

And, oh yeah, Britney's breasts are tremendously lopsided.

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