Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snoop, maybe the marajuana mic is not the best idea

I really feel like some people should just be legally allowed to do certain things. Snoop Dogg is one of those people, and the thing he should be legally allowed to drugs. Arresting him is not going to stop him, but unfortunately, the LAPD feels differently. TMZ reports that Snoop was picked up for possession of cocaine, pot, and firearms. When do the police decide they are going to arrest Snoop Dogg? Clearly he has drugs and guns on him ALWAYS, so why isn't he arrested every day? Do they have a calendar at the police station with a circle on random dates throughout the month? "Oh Shit guys! It's Tuesday! Time to arrest Snoop again!" Leave him alone, fuzz!

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Jeremy said...

I totally 110% agree. In fact, I choose to believe it's all a ruse. The first time the 5-0 busted up on him they set out a deal "You let us arrest you once, maybe twice a year. But we never actually book you. Let the whole thing blow over. We look good. You get to smoke your marijuana cigarettes. Okay Mr. Dogg?" They're all toking blunts right now.