Monday, November 27, 2006

Reunited and it feels so good...

Oh man, y'all! Did they have us all fooled or what! It looks like Lindsay Lohan has successfully bitched and moaned her way into the slut trifecta, as Brit, Linds, and Paris were photographed leaving a party together this morning. Even Elliot Mintz wasn't in on this one! I'm glad Lindsay Lohan sets her friendship standards high. She is shown above, chasing after the two piles of trash, and I can only imagine her saying "Me too guys! I'm a slut too, ok! Wait up!" Lohan is like the girl in high school who was only allowed to hang out with the cool kids after she blew the entire football team. You guys had girls like that in your high school right? No?...I was the only one that did that?? Oh man, I better get out there and start showing my vag, at least then I will know who my true friends are.

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