Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maybe...but Kramer is KKKrazy

Above you will find Michael Richard's apology for his tirade this weekend at the Laugh Factory, which aired on Letterman last night. While I respect the fact that he went on air to apologize, he managed to call black people "afro-americans" and talk about how upset they were about Katrina (i didn't know that blacks were the only ones upset by this). I'm sorry, but simply stating that your act just got taken way too far is not an acceptable excuse for what took place, and it is clear that the majority of the Letterman audience did not even see the original tape as they laughed at everything Richard's said until Jerry Seinfeld stepped in and told them to shut their traps. Watching this apology did not make me feel any better, if anything I'm scared that I'm going to see Kramer running through the streets naked yelling at anyone who's "different" on tonight's evening news. Dude is one step away from a straight jacket. Although, I was sad that Letterman cut him off before he was able to explain where "the rage comes from". I've often found myself wondering the same thing when the "afro-american" policeman who pulls me over doesn't believe my crying and I start dropping N-bombs and talking about hanging people upside down from trees.

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Jeremy said...

He said something about it being the "rage that's inside all of us." Sorry Kramer. It's not inside me. And probably not inside a majority of Americans.

The kicker was when he said "And the funny thing is I'm not even racist." What?! So this hidden rage, that only comes out when provoked by members of another race... that's not racism? That's, what, just a case of the Mondays? Please!