Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Love her or Hate Her...She's still an obsession

The cherry popping celebrity for this weekly topic is none other than the most playa hated female in the game—Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. Every website I read is calling her a nastytrashysleazyfreakyclassless skinny bitch who needs to quit the plastic surgery and eat somethin’, ANYTHING.

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But that’s only because they envious. I’m lettin’ you know right now, I’d cut some bitches to be her. Just because it’s her job to ride David Beckham’s most likely gorgeous pole, everything looks good on her (she’s got the same dimensions as a mannequin), and she can sorta sing, doesn’t mean you can call her names and make fun of her protruding bones. Don’t Hate, Appreciate.

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The fact that she’s not American, most American’s only know her as that bitch spice that always wore the black minidress. Remember folks, you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Just watch these and tell me she ain’t got what it takes to steam roll over the being that is ParisHiltonLindsayLohanNicoleRichie. Like for real though, even the DIIIIIIIIVVVAAAA, Miss Knowles covered a Vicki Beckham track (Resentment). And Posh deserves three snaps in z formation for being a skinny bitch. Her protruding bones were the only shielding that protected her from the scientologic cosmic radiation that she obviously was subjected to while chillaxin' with the human being formerly known as Katie Holmes.

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Anonymous said...

okay, I love that bitch. She has good fashion sense, she's british, she married a stud muffin, and She's STILL married to that stud muffin. How many american celebs can pull off the whole staying married thing? None! i love your blogs by the way.