Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kid's side of the story

Page Six reports that the real reason for the dissolution of holy matrimony that was Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson, according to Mr. Rock, was the Pamela was a party girl and dumped her kids on him so she could go out an party.

A source close to Kid said:

"Bob (Kid Rock) rearranged his life for Pamela, he moved from Detroit - something he said he would never do - and moved his son to L.A. to be with her."

The source went on to say:

"Pamela would go out almost every night and end up at [photographer] David LaChapelle's studio, Bob was home alone with the three kids."

Clearly, Pam is in the wrong here. Kid left the lovely shores of Detroit to be with her and all she could do was treat him like a nanny! All this crap about the Borat movie breaking them up is BS. Kid Rock may be trash, but he's not that stupid, and when you marry Pamela Anderson, the Borat movie is the least of your worries. I would say #1 worry would be catching a venereal disease, and #2 might be her boobs knocking you out during sex. I don't care what all y'all haters say, I am on Kid Rock's side, simply because he is from (near) our fair city of Detroit. Plus, I don't want him to break a beer bottle over my head in case I see him at the bar. He's coming back, y'all!

In other news, If you want to hear Britney/Paris/Lohan drama, you are going to have to wait until Girl #2 or The Gay get online to detail the sagas of the day. Those bitches exhaust me.

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