Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kate Moss draws a white powdery line

Pete Doherty has been given an ultimatum by Kate Moss to lay off the boozin' and the usin' or he'll be snorting lines all alone. Personally, I do not think that this is fair at all. So, Kate Moss just wakes up one day and has had enough? After partaking in all of the same drug-fueled binges with Doherty, now she is ready to retire? Just like that? Isn't that like waking up and deciding that you don't need AIR anymore???...

And what will happen to Wolfman and The General, Pete's friends who "took care of him" (read: shoveled drugs into his body when he was passed out and could not do it on his own)? I highly doubt Wolfman and The General will be down for a game of scrabble with drug-free Kate and Doherty.

Kate, you and your man are better all coked up, just like Britney will always be better trashy. Don't deny who you are.

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