Monday, November 27, 2006

Jessica Simpson Sex Tape?

286 straight days at the gym and you're NOT going to watch the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey sex tape?

Me neither.

Rumor has it that a sex-tape starring the former newlyweds is about to leak! The tape has reportedly fallen into the hands of those responsible for the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee Sexcapade, and should be out for all to see soon! When will these celebrities learn to stop taping themselves boning? I'm sure this one probably isn't true, but I secretly would love it if it was. Everyone always thinks of Jessica Simpson as being this wholesome, good-ol girl. I hope the tape shows her turning it out!Wouldn't it be great to see Nick taking it from Jess with a strap-on?!?!?!...or is it just me? What do you think would be going on if this sex tape really does exist? Leave your filty ideas in the comments...


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