Monday, November 27, 2006

Don't call it a comeback, Brit's been trash for years

This weekend, Brittney showed the world the part of her body that both of her sons have touched with their ENTIRE BODIES (she birthed them, y'all)! That's right y'all...fresh out the trailer...BRIT'S VAG!!! What a great way to start the week!

But, let's back up for a quick second...what in the hell is going on in the picture above? Apparently, both Paris and Brit can only afford one stocking, as they are each wearing only one, on the right leg. Is this a new trend that is starting? If so, like leggings and legwarmers, I am destined to hate this. They both look like cracked out santa's little whore-pers. These two twirled their way to Hyde (doesn't that place ever get old???) this weekend, and slutted it up for all to see.

And did I mention, that they were both a-wasted???

And let's not dance around what we are all thinking when we see the above photo. KFed was Right! Brit is totally a les-bot. Look at how she is grabbing Paris' hand, and oh-so-gently placing it on her booby. The only question is, who wants it more? My money is on Paris, but not for gay reasons. She's just always wondered what having boobs would feel like.

My heart goes out to all y'all (especially my girl counterpart/co-author) who thought that by losing K-Fed, Brit would somehow transform herself back into the tastefully slutty little schoolgirl we came to know and love. Unfortunately, becoming trash is like getting herpes (which I'm sure after One Night In Paris, Brit now has), you can control the outbreaks, but that shit never really goes away.

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