Tuesday, November 28, 2006

B is a B

and you...and you...and YOU...you're gonna love...apparently Beyonce, and ONLY Beyonce. Miss Knowles is all heated because Jennifer Hudson, a worthless, kicked off idol nobody, is raining on her diva parade by garnering more buzz for her upcoming role in Dreamgirls. Beyonce, don't you DARE ruin this for me!!! It is hard for me to recall another movie I've been this excited about. Say what you will, I will be there opening night, with a box of kleenex, Titanic style. I'll be the annoying one clapping and cheering at all the triumphant moments, and sobbing like a jackass through all the sad parts. I'm so excited and I hope Jennifer Hudson really steals the show as it is rumored to be. Beyonce, maybe you need to take another "tokey-tokey" as I hear you like to and cool out a bit...you've got millions and fame and fortune already. It's ok to share the spotlight a bit.

Here's the trailer, if you've been living in a cave for the past year and have not heard about this movie just yet.

One last thing...I'm also extremely excited to see Eddie Murphy not dressed up as a fatty and making an ass out of himself. Eddie, I always knew you could do better than that and that you weren't washed up. Now make Beverly Hills Cop 4 (Detroit-What!) and we'll be cool.


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Anonymous said...

I went to a press screening of Dreamgirls, and I'm here to tell you that your highest expectations are going to be exceeded. The movie is THAT awesome. And while Miss B is very good in her role (she sings and acts well, and she looks fan-friggin'-tastic), it is Jennifer Hudson who walks away with the whole thing. A theater full of jaded media types erupted into full-out, whooping applause no less than FIVE TIMES during "I am Telling You," her big number. Myself, I was crying and applauding at the same time. Jennifer is a big sassy diva and I believe she would kick Beyonce's ass in a fight. Eddie Murphy is also amazing in this film.

I plan on seeing this movie multiple times in the theater once it's released, and owning it the day it comes out on DVD.