Friday, December 1, 2006

Actually, Girl #1, I disagree about 2007.

I think we might start off with some celebrity break-ups (coughJustinandCameroncough), but 2007 is going to be a year of love scorned celebrity hijinx...

Kate may pine away for Owen while he's casually sleeping with other women!
Pam may marry Kid or Tommy again!
Reese may have a series of irresponsible one night stands!
Ryan may actually make a good movie!
Kiera may accidently eat a whole meal... of food!
Rupert may accidently eat a whole meal... of food!
Britney may have three more vagina slips, trip, fall, and end up pregnant with Larry Birkheads (second) child!
Kevin may put out a hit song and get the kids!

Who knows! The possibilities are endless! As the divorces are finalized and a new year begins, the celebrity gossip business will be booming! Hoo ray!

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